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  • Sweet Sixteen Custom Cougar

    11 down, 5 to go! My daughter, son-in-law and grandkids found me a Custom Cougar to add to our sweet sixteen collection. Only a few more to go now!

  • Some Of Our Hot Wheels 1968 Sweet Sixteen

    The Beach Bomb Too (VW Bus) is actually a 1969 and not part of the original 1968 Sweet Sixteen. We’ve got 9, only 7 more to go.

  • 1969 Hot Wheels Beach Bomb

    Lenora picked up another vintage redline for our collection. A 1969 Hot Wheels Beach Bomb. It is in excellent condition and has the original surf boards! Thanks to my awesome wife!

  • Sweet Sixteens Added To The Collection

    Lenora surprised me for Christmas with 2 new original sweet sixteen redlines to add to the collection. She picked up a Firebird and Beatnik Bandit that are in mint condition. I honestly don’t think either were ever played with. That makes us 4 of the original 16, only 12 more to go. These came from…

  • New Die Cast and a New Redline

    Lenora knows all of my vices! She got me some really nice additions for the collection. For the VW collection, she got me a VW Bus from the TV series LOST which we finally started watching a week or so ago. She also got a VW Beetle from the movie Forrest Gump. These are the…