A Couple More Surprises


The dashboard is ready to come out. All bolts removed, just have to remove the knobs for the vents and remove the speedo, but need to document the wiring before it’s disconnected. Also noticed that the heater vent control cable tubes that reside under the back seat are missing. Upon inspection, it doesn’t look like they were ever there which made me dig a little further. I don’t think the floor pans are original. I’ll need to do some more cleaning up before I know for sure, but I really think that they’ve been replaced at one time. As you can see from the bottom, they’re in really good shape, no rust at all. From the inside, the picture doesn’t do it justice, there is some surface rust, but they’re in really good shape. But it looks as if the heater vent control cable tubes have been cut flush with the floor pan channel. You can certainly tell that there was something there at one time as the driver side still has a piece of the control cable hanging out.
Back to the dashboard, it’s covered with silicone as somebody apparently tried to cap it at some point. I think it the dash may be salvageable, not sure yet. I’ll know more once it’s out and cleaned up. Dash repair can be an interesting adventure.

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