Burning An Hour Or So

So after work last night, I spent an hour or so in the wiper motor/fresh air fan compartment. This is usually a trouble spot for old Beetles, water gets trapped and the rust begins. Luckily, this one isn’t bad at all. Of course the water drain was plugged with leaves, but only a little surface rust in the whole compartment, no holes or rust pits. Some light sanding, primer and seal will take care of this. The fresh air fan is missing, so that’ll have to be replaced and I’ve removed the wiper motor, so it’s sitting free. I’ll remove it once the wires are disconnected from behind the dashboard. I was also going to remove the washer nozzle only to discover that the last time this Beetle was painted, the nozzle wasn’t masked or removed before paint. Yep, they just painted over it. A little paint remover should free it up and hopefully, I can salvage it. I good friend of mine also made a donation to the Beetle cause. He had an extra decklid spring to replace the one that is missing off of mine. Thanks JB!

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