Tear Down Continues

Spent some time after work tonight working on the Beetle. First thing was to remove the hood. I was determined to get the wiper assembly removed and a few minutes of tracing wires, I was able to get it out. I’m trying to document everything with pictures, but I’m also writing down every wire that I disconnect and where it lives within the wiring tree. With the wiper assembly out, I’ll be able to clean it up and re-use it since it works fine. Now that the housing for the wiper motor and the fresh air fan (which I’ll have to find a replacement) is clutter free, I can clean out the surface rust, get it re-sealed and painted. I also need to remove the driver side hood hinge. It’s not original and it’s broken. Time to put out feelers for a replacement. I’m hoping to finish with the dash removal and gas tank removal this weekend.

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