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Spent some time on this awesome fall day removing the back seat, panels, carpet and padding from the inner wheel wells and fire wall. These items were original to the car which was a pretty big surprise. I’ve never removed the padding on one of these old Beetles and not be greeted with rust holes, so this was a first for me. No rust at all, not even surface rust. Inner wheel wells and fire wall are solid as a rock. What looks like rust in the pics is insulation that is going to be a bear to get off. It’s as sticky as it was the day it was installed. I also began removing bolts that hold the floor pan to the body. Since the the pans had been replaced some time in the past, all of the heat channel bolts came out without an issue. The four bolts that secure the floor pan to the cross member, one was missing on each side. The one remaining on the passenger side came out without issue. The one remaining on the driver side just didn’t look right and without much pressure, it broke off. The four under the back seat came out without any problem and the two that mount on top of the tunnel came out without issue. All in all, not too bad. The next big job will be to remove what’s left of the tar paper(?) insulation on the inner fire wall.

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