Ugly Dash Is Finally Gone

My goal this evening was to finish getting the steering column and dash out of the car. Most of the dash was already disconnected, so I pulled the speedometer and labeled all of the wires so I’ll know where they’ll go back once everything starts to go back together. The steering column proved to be a challenge. Once everything was disconnected (so I thought), I figured the steering tube and shaft will pull right out. Well, it didn’t and after fighting it for an hour or so, I posted for help on an online forum and quickly got the response I was waiting for. Instead of just loosening the bolt on the uni joint, I should’ve removed it completely as the shaft has a groove for the bolt to slide through. 60 minute headache, 10 second fix. The wiring looks like a mess, but it’s actually somewhat organized. That’s why I take lots and lots of pictures, we’ll need them when this puzzle goes back together. Also noticed that the dash was made exactly 41 years and 2 days ago today.

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