Much Of Nothing This Weekend

Didn’t do much of anything to the Beetle this weekend, which was probably a mistake since the weather was so nice. However, I did take advantage of the nice weather to put up and test Christmas lights. Yes, Christmas lights. Hey, it’s better to do it when it’s 78 degrees rather than when it’s 30 degrees. I did get the struts unbolted from the body so now it’s 100% ready to remove from the floorpans. Still need to rig up some saw horses or stands to sit the body on. I have limited space, so I still want to be able to store the chassis underneath the body. I also began stripping the rear decklid. I quickly found that 4 coats for paint is harder to get off than expected. I plan to get some things media blasted if possible, but I was more interested is finding out what kind of condition the decklid was in. Maybe next week I’ll get the ball joints disconnected and the body totally off of the chassis.

EDIT: 10/27/2014

After taking a closer look at the decklid, I decided that it would be easier just to replace it. It’s creased at the bottom from a hit and the metal is a bit warped from an engine fire while it was installed on another Beetle. Luckily I was able to find one on and user Mark Bolina hooked me up at a very reasonable price.

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