Tid Bits

Pulled the gas lid flap and license plate light cover from solvent that had been soaking since last night. The solvent did a pretty good job of removing layers of paint, but I’m only using it in hard to reach places. The spring on the gas lid flap had so much paint on it, it’d hardly close, now it works like a charm. I also received my replacement deck lid from Mark Bolina that I found on thesamba.com. Well worth the 20 dollars, it’s in very good condition, no rust, just needs cleaned, sanded and it’ll be ready for primer. Still need to find a gasket for the deck lid light cover, the existing one has seen better days. Also began to tackle the thick undercoating that will have to be removed from the fender wells and inner fenders. The undercoating has done a good job protecting the metal for 40+ years, but it has to go. I’ve read using everything from acetone (which works pretty good on the tar residue) to oven cleaner. I tried both tonight after work. The oven cleaner had little or no affect, the acetone had minimal. I guess it’ll be a heat gun and paint scraper in the near future.

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