Wiper Assembly

Trying not to switch from one area of the car to another with no rhyme or reason and I’m trying to order a bunch of smalls as needed. I’ve been concentrating on the deck lid and before I move to the next project, whether it be big or small, I want to completely finish one before moving to the next. I need to sand, clean and prime the deck lid and it’s done for now. I ordered a latch seal, license plate light lens gasket, bulb and seal for the light housing. So until those parts come in, I’m now looking at the wiper motor assembly. I know it works fine, I tested it thoroughly before removing it. But like most, it’s need of some serious cleaning and some paint. So while I wait for parts to arrive to finish the deck lid, I think I’ll give the wiper assembly the once over.
I’m also keeping track of everything I need, big or small. I’m also keeping track of everything I buy, how much it was and where I bought it.

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