It’s The Small Things

Considering it was in the 30’s last night, today turned out to be a pretty nice day. Took advantage of it and worked on some of the smalls on the Beetle. Finished cleaning and stripping the fuel door and the license plate light cover, got them prepped and primed. Also cleaned the wiper motor and the wiring harness, got them looking pretty good. The wiper motor arm had a lot of surface rust on it, so I spent a lot of time cleaning and sanding before prime and paint. It’s a shame to spend so much time on something that won’t even be seen, but piece of mind knowing that we should get many more years use out of it. I plan to re-assemble the wiper assembly tomorrow, then tuck it away some place until it’s ready to return to the Beetle. I hope to get some time this week after work to finish prepping the deck lid and get it primed. Still need to get the body off of the floor pan, it’s basically just sitting on it right now. Once I remove the ball joints, it’ll be ready to separate. Waiting until I get a good floor jack.

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