Ready To Pull The Engine

Was able to spend some time on the Beetle tonight in preparation of pulling the engine tomorrow. Drained the oil, removed all but one retaining bolts and began labeling the wires. As you can see by the pics, the wiring is a mess and it’s going to take me forever to figure it out. I can’t wait to get the engine out just so I can clean it up, it has to be the ugliest Beetle engine I’ve ever seen. Also added some goodies to the goody box, more new seals and gaskets. Lot’s of smalls make things easier down the road. I also tested a new wire wheel for my grinder. Best 10 dollar investment ever! These wire wheels eat through the grime, layers of paint and undercoating with ease. I’m sure I’ll go through many of them before all is said and done. Also took apart the tail light buckets for closer inspection. Happy that I’ll be able to use them once they’re cleaned up. Even the original Hella lenses are in pretty good shape, but I’ll probably replace them eventually. So the goal is to get a good nights sleep, up early and get this engine pulled……wish me luck!


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