Busy Sunday

Began the task of tearing down the engine, deciding which parts can be salvaged and reused and what will have to be replaced. The engine itself wasn’t as dirty as I thought it was going to be. The engine tins are in pretty bad shape and many are missing. I don’t know of any of them are worth salvaging. No play in the engine, compression seems to be really good, no broken bolts, etc. Rocker arm assembly and inside the valve covers, everything looks good. So for now, unless something obvious comes up, I have no plans of taking the engine a part. Just replace what needs to be replaced and clean it up nicely.
The valve covers and intake were covered in layers of paint. Red, yellow, blue, purple, you name it, they’ve been painted that color. The valve covers aren’t stock, but they’re aluminum and they cleaned up nicely, so I plan to reuse them. May paint them, may not, haven’t decided yet. The intakes still need a little work, but at least the paint is off and they’re cleaned up. The main intake tube will have to be replaced, one arm to the exhaust has been cut off. Luckily, my friend Bob has a spare.
I also got the passenger side hood hinge prepped. The driver side hinge was broke when I bought the car, but luckily again, my friend Bob has a spare. The 74+ Super Beetle hinges are harder to find than the regular Beetle hinges. Removed the engine bay seals as well. They were pretty much dry rotted and in bad shape. They came out a lot easier than I thought they would and the channels they live in are in tact and rust free, that was a big surprise. Speaking of rust, I’ve come up with an awesome solution for cleaning rusty bolts, nuts and anything else that needs to have the rust removed. I used a paint can cap filled with equal parts Naval Jelly and Krud-Kutter Rust Remover. Just drop your rusty bolts and nuts in the solution, let them soak overnight and they’ll look brand new the next day. Got a lot done this weekend and still managed to get the grass cut one last time before winter takes it’s grip….!

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