Engine Coming Out

Got my replacement deck lid hinge arms prepped this morning before taking on the task of removing the engine from the Beetle. Really pleased with the way they turned out. Also got a chance to play with some new tools that I picked up this week, a new 2 ton jack and jack stands. I’m sure they’ll get plenty of use over the next few months. Got all of the wiring labeled and removed from the engine, all the bolts out and started the task of removing the engine. I’ve done these numerous times before many years ago, but never by myself. Didn’t take long before the engine was loose and I was ready to lift the body to pull the engine out. I had a time trying to get the alternator pulley bolt to clear the rear apron and by the looks of the apron, somebody before me had the same issue. Even removing the pulley didn’t help, but I was able to get the body high enough to turn the motor for it to clear. So anyhow, it’s out, I can easily lift the body high enough to pull it completely out from under the car, but I’m going to need some help to do that.

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