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After last nights discovery that the new/used head that I bought would have to be machined to work with my current setup, my motivation to work on the Beetle was pretty much nil this morning. However, I did receive my aftermarket alternator stand from in the mail and decided to test fit it. The stand looks great, however, while test fitting it, I realized that there is no way my deflector tin will fit with the way the breather tube is sitting. Don’t really know what’s causing the issue as the alternator stand looks pretty much the same as the OEM stand. So I’m wondering if the deflector tin is the problem or the breather tube itself. I know that some breather tubes are straight and don’t have curve on the bottom that mine does. Guess I could just cut the curved part away and see if that works or order an aftermarket oil filler. More decisions! I think it’s time to step away from this project for a few days….

Update: Issue resolved with the breather tube.
Cut the curved part off of the breather tube.
May still go with an aftermarket filler cap some time in the future.

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