Merry Christmas Eve

In between putting Christmas gifts together this morning, I managed to get a couple of things done on the Beetle. First and foremost, I found a person who may be able to help me get my head machined for the larger jugs. He no longer has the tooling to do it, but has some connections that will hopefully put me on the right path. If not, I’ve got a couple other prospects that may be able to help me out. Regardless, the next step is to get this head machined to accept the jugs for this 1835 build. I was also able to get the alternator fan shroud painted as well as the dual port intakes cleaned and test fitted. I’ve decided on which doghouse I’ll be re-using, so I got it de-greased and ready for prep. The alternator fan was also cleaned and ready to re-use. All in all, a pretty productive Christmas Eve. Here’s wishing all my VW enthusiast a very happy holiday season….Merry Christmas all!

Also got the valve covers prepped and ready to install. Loved the way they turned out.

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