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Got the bell housing tin test fitted tonight, very pleased with the way it turned out. Other than getting some new grommets, it’s complete. New throttle cable tube is on it’s way here, so the only tin I have left to finish is the dog house, rear engine and maybe the heater box tin, even though I running J pips. I’d like to use them because the protect the push rod tube from road debris, but I’ll have to make a bracket to connect them to the J pipes. Also took the heat gun to the rear fender well to see how hard the 41 year old undercoating is going to be to remove. Actually came off pretty easy. As much as I hate this stuff, it did it’s job protecting the vulnerable places on this Beetle. It’ll have to wait til warm weather though, fumes quickly filled the garage and it was nasty. This will be an outside task. Also started cleaning up the starter. It worked fine before I started taking the Beetle a part, so it’ll get cleaned up and a fresh coat of paint. Also loaded up a bunch of spare parts in the ’12 Beetle to take to Oak Hill Ohio tomorrow to deliver to a friend who has some parts for me. Gonna be 54 degrees and sunny tomorrow, I plan to take advantage of it.

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