Engine Progress

Spent some time tonight installing the new dog house shroud, test fitting the rear tin and watching it snow outside. First real snow this winter. Pleased with the fitment of the dog house, especially around my new hoover bit, not so pleased with the rear tin. Like everybody else who has used these aftermarket tins, I have the same complaints. I’ve had a couple fit perfectly and a couple that have a lot to be desired. Mixing these aftermarket tins with OEM is not a good decision. Chalk it up as a learning experience. Also installed grommets in the tins where needed, along with a new throttle cable tube. Still awaiting some parts that Tim at Volkzbitz is sending me so I can finish with the carb rebuild. I’ll order the oil cooler tin, heater box tin, and sled tins some time soon and that’ll pretty much button up all of the engine work. Then it’ll be time to get back to the body.

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