Little Here, Little There

Had some time this evening to start making new wires for the engine compartment. A much lesser task that it’s going to be when I have to replace the wiring harness, but at least it’s a start. Also got the oil cooler tins that I ordered from JBugs in the mail today. They’ll be installed tomorrow after work. Other than the sled tins and air filter, the engine portion of the project is complete. The goal was to finish the engine before the end of winter, so I’m a bit ahead of schedule. Now it’s time to re-focus on the body and chassis, work up a game plan and go from there. Still a lot of decisions to be made. I’m confident that I could sell the 1835 motor as it is right now and recoup all of the money that I have into the project so far. Of course, for me, my time is free. It’s easy to get in over your head quick, that’s why I’m trying not to be in a rush to get anything done. Plan, plan and more planning.

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