Where Is Spring?

Itching to do a little work on the Beetle, but winter still has a terrible hold on us. Just too cold to be working outside or even in the Beetle Cave. Added to the laundry list of things I want to change out on the Beetle, some to make it safe. It has the original seat belts (lap belts) that came when the car was new, but they’ve seen better days. I’ve ordered new lap belts for the front from Wolfsburg West. Also ordered a bunch of smalls from CIP1 yesterday, mainly cosmetic things. Tonight I removed the Porsche Fuch center caps. One of the four is brand new, the other 3 have seen better days, but paying over 200 dollars for replacements is out of the question. Therefore, the three that have seen better days will get cleaned and a fresh coat of paint applied. I also got the new antenna that I ordered for Chircoestore the other day, so I got it installed. The Beetle still needs a good bath! It still has the road grime from the 140 mile snowy road trip from Lexington two Saturdays ago. Hey, spring is right around the corner!

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