Some Goodies

Got some goodies in the mail today despite the nasty weather outside. Got my lap belts from Wolfsburg West and an assortment of goodies from CIP1. I opted to go with the European tail light lenses just because I like the look a bit more. Also swapped out the OG turn signal lenses. Was skeptical about the quality and fitment of the aftermarket lenses, but I’m actually very satisfied with them. Plus CIP1 has a really nice sale going on right now, so the price was right. Also got some bulbs and sockets for my speedo that I’ll be rebuilding once I get the ’69 donor in the mail. Last but not least, a new turn signal assembly. The plastic pieces in my OG turn signal assembly are beginning to crumble. After being awake for 34 hours and working 19 of those, I mustered enough energy to swap out the lenses. The lap belts will have to wait until the weekend.

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