Odds n Ends

Had some time this afternoon and concentrated on getting the trunk area cleaned up a bit. No rust, but a lot of dust. Got the spare tire area cleaned up and washer fluid reservoir hooked up. Also installed a new wiring cover on the back side of the dash. The old one had seen better days and was cracked. I plan to make my own trunk liner just to make everything look a little cleaner. Have a couple of ideas floating around, once I commit to the project, I’ll put together a how to. I also dressed up the wiring on the new fog lights, they look a lot cleaner now. And I also moved the fog light indicator in the speedo opposite to the bright light indicator. Now, when the fog lights are on, the left side blue light is on, when the bright lights are, the regular right side blue light is on. Hope my bamboo parcel tray will be here Monday or Tuesday so I can get it installed.

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