Rear Shelf Project Part 1

So I decided to start on the rear shelf project today. Id priced some online, but just cant justify paying 60 dollars for a flimsy piece of material when I can build something a bit more beefy for a lot less. I wanted something strong that I may end up mounting speakers beneath, but still light enough that it can be easily removed. So I decided to make my own rear shelf out of 1/2 plywood that will be covered either in carpet to match the interior or some type of industrial material that will blend well. Remember to measure twice and cut once. Got this one on the first try, test fitted perfectly and it gives the look that I’m going for with the stability of heavier material. I glued and screwed a support that will keep the shelf from bowing or sagging over time. All that’s left to do is find the right material to cover it. That search begins tomorrow. And the best part, other than my time, it hasn’t cost anything yet!

Rear Shelf Project Part 1
Rear Shelf Project Part 2
Rear Shelf Project Part 3

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