Rear Shelf Project Part 3

Made a trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up material to wrap up the rear shelf project. I had planned to use the same vinyl that I used on the trunk liner project, but found something else that I thought would work and look a lot better. Best way to describe it is like a very think, heavy duty felt. With material and staple gun in hand, I began to stretch, fit and staple the material to the rear shelf. Very happy with the end result, it fits perfectly, at just the angle that I wanted it to. All in all, a very easy project with minimal costs. The plywood that I used was scrap that I had laying around, I have right at 7 dollars in material and a total of about 2 hours time in the project. If you’re wanting a rear speaker shelf and don’t want to fork out 60 dollars for some crappy aftermarket piece, this project is easy enough for just about anybody with a power saw, jig saw and a couple hours to spare.

Rear Shelf Project Part 1
Rear Shelf Project Part 2
Rear Shelf Project Part 3

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