Passenger Side Mirror Project Part I

I was really wanting this to be a more detailed tutorial, even had the GoPro setup to document everything. It was only after I finished drilling the hole that I realized that I forgot to push the record button on the GoPro. However, I did take pictures in between steps, so hopefully thatll help anybody else who plans to take on this project. Since I dont have the mirror in hand (its on order), I thought Id get a jump and prep the door. Tools needed for this part of the project: drill, hammer, center punch and drill bits. I started by printing off the template used to mark the hole for the passenger side mirror. You can download the template (provided by Mid America Motorworks) by clicking here. The instructions for using the template are self explanatory. Once I got the template secured in place, I took the center punch and hammer and with one good strike, made a good indention for drilling the hole. Double check everything before you proceed. Once you start, there’s no going back. I started with a 9/64 drill bit, then graduated to a 7/32 bit, then to a 5/16 and finally a 3/8 bit. I took a black marker and outlined above the 5/8 mark on the step bit so Id know when to stop drilling with it. I really thought this part was going to be difficult, but the step bit cut through the metal with ease and the whole process took only a few seconds. Since I wont have the mirror and nut in hand until the end of the week, I taped off the freshly cut hole and sprayed it with primer to prevent any oxidation. Once the primer was dry, I installed a 5/8 plug to seal it until Im ready to proceed to the next step which will be to remove the door panel and install the mirror. Hopefully this time next week, well have this project wrapped up.

Passenger Side Mirror Project Part II
Passenger Side Mirror Project Part III

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