Passenger Side Mirror Project Part III

The passenger side mirror and mounting nut that I ordered from Mid America Motorworks arrived today, so it was time to button up the passenger side mirror project. My first impressions of the mirror was that it was a quality piece, matched the OEM driver side mirror perfectly. First thing I did was to test fit the mounting nut to the mirror and I’m glad that I did before trying to fish the nut up through the door. Though the nut fit, it was very, very tight. So tight that there would’ve been no way to tighten it onto the mirror mount from inside the door. The chrome was just too thick. After a few passes on the wire wheel, the nut threaded with ease. I disassembled the mirror to make the install a little easier. The 5/8 hole that I had pre-drilled in the door with the step bit was also a little to tight to get the threaded part of the mirror mount through. I couldn’t use the step bit to make it any larger because Id end up with a hole that was too big. So I broke out the dremel and made a few passes with the sanding bit, making the hole just big enough for the mount to slip through. Things were looking pretty good at this point. Now the hard part. How in the world to fish the nut up through the door and hold it securely enough to thread the mirror mount into it. I found a small metal rod laying around the garage so I thought Id use shipping tape to secure the nut to the rod and use that to fish the nut up through the door. The Gods must’ve been smiling upon me because I thought that this process would take several attempts but I got it first try. Once I got the mirror mount threaded, it tightened up nicely and I was able to simply pull the rod and tape off of the nut. The whole process took about a minute and a half. I lucked out, but I was prepared to spend a couple hours on this part of the project. Once the mirror mount was secure, I put the mirror back together, made my final adjustments, then put this project to bed. For anybody else thinking about doing this project, I say go for it. Just make sure you have the right tools for the job, be patient and prepared to walk away for a few moments. A few cans of your favorite brew would not hurt either. I stretched this project out over 3 days while I had the mirror and nut on order. I think that worked to my advantage. I was not rushed and like I said, I got lucky getting the nut threaded first try. Very, very pleased with the end result. I wanted the passenger side mirror to match the driver side mirror and that was accomplished.

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