Door and Window Seal Replacement Part 4

The drivers door is complete! Installed the vapor barrier, door panel and hardware and now its on to the passenger side door. I think its important that if youre going to do a project like this, go ahead and replace the parts that are often overlooked. The check rod bumper being one of those. The one on my drivers door was no existent, it had broken apart long ago. I went ahead and took the one out of the passenger door so you can see what it is. Pic #1. The bumper was still there, but it was chewed up and compressed. Really didnt serve much of a purpose. I think both new ones was a couple of dollars. I installed new rubber grommets for the door panel clips, pic #2. The existing ones were hardened and basically fell apart. I also replaced the compression foam around the door latch and on the inside of the door panel, another step that is often overlooked. Pics #3 and #4. I bought the cord weather seal (pic #5) to install the new vapor barrier. When doing my research, seems like a lot of people were using this. Its cheap and easy to work with. This particular box was enough to do the whole door and still have a bit left over. I wiped down the entire inner door with alcohol to make sure it was clean and free of any oils, then proceed to apply the weather seal. It was a bit cool in the garage, so I took the heat gun and heated it up a bit so it would compress easier. Pics #6 and #7. Then a cut the vapor barrier to approximately the right size, stuck it to the weather cord, then trimmed. Very easy process. Pic #8. I had to cut the vapor barrier for the door latch mechanism and the slot for the arm rest rod. Before you apply the vapor barrier, be sure to clean out the bottom of door, make sure the drain holes are clear and that nothing is left in there to clog them up. I also cleaned and re-lubed the window regulator. When the vapor barrier was trimmed, it was just a matter of re-installing the door panel, door latch dressing and new window crank handle, buffer and spring that goes between the door skin and door panel. Another step that a lot of people ignore and leave out. So, with the drivers side door finished, I couldnt be more happy with the results. Buying quality parts, this wasnt a cheap project, but well worth it. It looks so much better, its functional and its a very satisfying project. I cheated a little and started on the passenger door. Wanted to start on it while everything was fresh in my mind. Its much easier second time around, you already know what to look for. I got the passenger side door striped down, vent window taken apart and fixed the interior light switch on the passenger side, it just needed the contact cleaned up. Hard telling how long its been since it last worked. Tomorrow night, I plan to clean the door and start installing the new rubber. Im hoping that I have the same luck as I did on the drivers door. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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