New Exhaust Installation Part II

Not a big update for part 2 of the new exhaust installation. I’m still awaiting word from that the new exhaust has shipped. I decided to go ahead and remove the existing exhaust. Since I had already broken loose the nuts that secure the muffler to the head, all that I had left to do was remove the 4 bolts that secure the heat riser to the muffler and the 2 clamps that secure the muffler to the J pipes or heat exchangers. I don’t (and wouldn’t) plan to re-use the clamps that secure the muffler to the J pipes or heat changers. Most installation kits will come with new clamps and O ring seals. I’m also going to take this opportunity to clean up the head studs before installing the new exhaust. I’ll also use anti-seize when installing the new brass nuts. I’m also going to clean up the engine tin a bit and I’ll probably strip and paint the tins that had to be removed in order to take out the muffler. As far as the Abarth exhaust, I was planning on selling it. Some parts of it still have factory paint on them. It does look like there’s an exhaust leak around one set of pipes. It appears that the weld has broken loose. If somebody wanted it and had a welder, I’m sure they could fix it in just a couple of minutes.

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