New Exhaust Installation Part III

Continued to prep for the new exhaust installation. Not a whole lot more we can do until the new exhaust arrives. Today, I decided to clean up the rear engine tins to make them look a bit better. I started by stripping the paint off the tins by using Dupli-Color paint stripper. I let them soak in the heat for about ten minutes, then sprayed them off with the water hose. I repeated this process 3 times to get as much paint off as I could. I then dried them and used a wire wheel to remove any paint that was left and then sanded them with 400 grit sandpaper. For a final prep, I used Dupli-Color Paint Prep to remove any grease, oil or other contaminates that might keep the paint from sticking. I then painted the tins with Dupli-Color Matte Black engine paint. I gave all of the tins 3 coats, waiting about 15 minutes in between coats. A little elbow grease, 15 dollars in supplies and the tins look 100% better. I also picked up some anti-seize to use when I install the new exhaust. That’s about all I can do until the new exhaust arrives. Hopefully it’ll be here later this week.

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