New Exhaust Installation Part IV

Before I put on the new exhaust, I decided to replace the intake seals to the heads that I didn’t replace year before last when I installed the new intake. Just loosing the intake does not give me enough room to install the seals, so I start by removing the fuel pump, distributor cap, generator and generator stand. If you loosen the dog house, lift it up and towards the rear, you can get the generator and fan out fairly easy. Helps to have an extra set of hands. Just be mindful of the oil cooler. Oddly enough, after I got the intake away from the heads, I discovered that there were no seals at all. Not only did I forget to install new seals, the person who installed the last intake forgot as well. I double checked to make sure they weren’t stuck to the intake and looked at the one I replaced. No seals. I can’t believe this car ran so well without a vacuum leak of any kind or maybe there was one, I just didn’t notice it. Anyhow, I’m going to take this opportunity to clean up some other parts, particularly the generator stand and breather tube. This will slow me down a bit, but it’ll be worth it. I’m in no rush. Hope to get everything wrapped up tomorrow or the next day. Enjoy the video!

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