Busy Month At Kentucky Hot Wheels

We’ve had a busy month at the Kentucky Hot Wheels/House Of Boyd. We finally got Ruby (2) windows tinted, hood detailed, gas filler replaced and graphics installed. I’m about 90% satisfied with the graphics installation and tint, therefore, I won’t mention who did it. It took me a couple days of work to work out the kinks, air bubbles, etc. Something the installers should’ve done to begin with. As a matter of fact, when we picked the car up after installation of the graphics, we waited around until they were replaced because they had done such a crappy job. In the end, all is well and everything looks good. The gas filler I did myself. The Challenger came with a chrome filler which really didn’t fit the look of the car, so I ordered a matte black from Dodge. Installation took a whole minute or so and looks so much better. A must for any new Challenger or Charger 5.7 or 6.4 owner is the Z Automotive Tazer. I installed it on the Challenger first and I couldn’t be more pleased with the menu’s and options it unlocks. So, if you’re a new Charger or Challenger owner, 5.7 or 6.4, check out their product, it unlocks the full potential of your Hemi. Mabel (our ’68 Beetle) got a couple of upgrades as well, started with a new stock exhaust and finished with a new roof rack. She’s such a great experience to drive, wouldn’t trade her for anything out there! Lenora and I have also become grandparents, so we’ve spent a lot of time in Pikeville with our daughter and her husband. Summer is here and it’s time for some car shows, hope to get Mabel out to as many as possible!

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