Create A Vintage SkateBoard Prop, Then Buy One

I’ve been wanting to add a vintage skateboard to Mabels roof rack for some time now. Finding one that I like that’s affordable has proven to be a challenge. So, I decided to make my own replica. I chose one that I like and started from there. The pics speak for themselves. The irony is, after spending a few days creating the board that I wanted, once I started looking for vintage trucks, I came across a NOS vintage board from the late 60’s that fits the bill perfectly. I decided to finish my prop board and I’ll add the NOS board once it arrives, but I’m pleased with the way that it turned out. I still may add trucks if I come across some at a reasonable price. The NOS board should be here in a week or so (it’s coming from Canada). Can’t wait to add it to the other side.

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