New Bling and Cleaning The Grab Handles

The NOS vintage skate board that I ordered for Mabel came in the other day. It was really cool to pull out a pristine board out of a tattered box. Thought of different ways to mount it, decided to mount it on the side off the roof rack, keeps the trucks free to move if people want to know if it’s real or not at car shows. I did add a cool VANS decal just to give it a little more authenticity. We had a little get together in town this past Saturday evening, decided to take Mabel down and check out the other cars. It was a last minute decision to clean the rear grab handles that I’ve been meaning to do for over a year now, just kept forgetting about it. These were the OG handles and they were pretty dirty. I cleaned them thoroughly with 409 and a soft brush, then let them soak in bleach water for about 15 minutes. They cleaned up nicely.

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