Diorama Update / 1:64 Scale Swamp Cooler

Working on the diorama is always a good way to pass time on rainy days. I haven’t had any updates to it since the end of winter, but had an opportunity to add a couple of things this past weekend. I’ve been wanting to add a swamp cooler to one of the shop beetles, but finding material to build one at 1:64 scale proved to be a challenge. I ended up finding a few pieces of plastic tubing in my “junk drawer” that seemed to work perfectly. I can’t remember where they came from or what they were initially intended for. I didn’t take photos of the entire process, but basically these 2 pieces of tubing, a little super glue and JB Weld got the job done. I’m pleased with the way it turned out. Next project for this shop beetle is a new roof rack.

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