Water Slide Decals and Paint

Spent some time this evening working on the Hot Wheels 1:64 Challenger that will eventually match our 1:1 scale Challenger SRT Scat Pack. Started on some of the details such as headlights, running lights and tail lights. I still need to pick up some testors red paint to finish the touch up and the tail lights. I also got the Testors water slide decal paper and sealer that I ordered. I mocked up the graphics in PhotoShop, scaled them, then printed them on my ink jet printer. This particular paper will only work on a ink jet, but I think they make the decal paper for laser jet as while. This stuff is not cheap. Nine 8.5×5.5 sheets run around 15 dollars. After the decals are printed, they need to dry over night, then 3 light coats of decal sealant. The sealant runs around 5 dollars. I ordered my supplies through Amazon, but most hobby stores will have these in stock as well. After everything is completed, the paint detail is cleaned up, I’ll give it a good polishing with the dremel, polishing compound and wax. Last step will be to apply the water slide decals.

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