Christmas Vacation Custom Wagon Continues

A couple of weeks ago I started this project by trying to find a good donor car since Hot Wheels does not make a 1989 Taurus station wagon. Finding something close, then finding something that’s close and available makes this task difficult. I figured that most of the detail would be in the paint and of course the massive tree attached to the top of the car, so I went with something the I could work with and something that was readily available, a Hot Wheels ’70 Chevelle station wagon. Of course a 1970 Chevelle station wagon looks nothing like a 1989 Taurus wagon, but the station wagon in the movie wasn’t stock either. The Taurus wagon never came with faux wood on it. So, for the purists out there, tough! I’d do my best to make them look close. This starts by removing the hood pins and changing the head light configuration to make it look more like the Taurus. A little filing and sanding on the hood pins, some JB Weld to cover the Chevelle head lights, more sanding, then it’s first coat of primer. I’m still kicking around ideas for this, so this won’t be a quick project. As many times as I’ve watched Christmas Vacation, I would’ve sworn that the color of the wagon was light metallic green, not to be confused with the Truckster in the previous Vacation movies.

But after closer examination, it appears that what’s hidden behind the faux wood panels is a metallic mauve color. So that’s what we’ll be going with. More updates in the near future, I plan to work on this custom every chance I get so I can have it ready long before the holidays arrive.

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