Starting On A New Custom

Figured it was time to start on another custom. I’ve been wanting to do a “abandoned car” scene for a long time, so I think this old Charger will be a good candidate. A lot of people think that “junked cars” are the easiest to do because you don’t have to concentrate on detail like you do if you’re restoring a car. However, that’s not true, as a matter a fact, to get the right look and feel, there is much more detail to address. I started this car by separating it from the base. I want this car to look like it’s been picked through and robbed of parts. First detail on this one will be to open the door. I do this by cutting a relief along the door line with a dremel and cutting wheel. Basically, you just follow the casting lines in the door. I cut a small relief in the front (hinge) of the door, but not all of the way through. This will allow you to bend the door open a bit while still keeping it attached to the car. When I was cutting the reliefs in the door with the dremel, I accidentally went a little to high and hit the roof line. This is an easy fix. After I stripped the car of paint, I just filled the cut with super glue, then sprinkled it with baking soda. I’ve used the process in the past to fill voids and it works like a charm. It dries instantly and can be sanded immediately. These pics were taken about 5 minutes a part. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future, I plan to work on this custom through the holidays just to fill in time. I’ll also be testing some new weathering techniques.

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