Custom Hot Wheels Junkyard Charger

A little progression on the custom Junkyard Charger. Gave the body some temporary color just to make it easier to work with after adding some dents and dings on the body. The dents were created by using a steel cutting bit on the dremel, being careful not toe dig too deep. These areas will show up much better once color and texture are applied. I also changed the color of the interior from black to leather brown after I cut the side of the drivers area out using an X acto knife. It looks much better with the door open. The interior will be washed and textured to make it look aged and dirty. That’s a lot easier to do with brown interior. I’ll also need to move the vent/wing glass to the door that’s open. The whole base has also been de-chromed. Some chrome accents will be added back later. People have asked what I use to de-chrome. Many household products will work, but I use Comet Soft Cleanser with Bleach. It’s pasty and sticks to the parts. I let the part lay in the Comet for about 10 minutes and the chrome is gone. Plus you can recycle and use it over and over. A little progress on the windshield and other glass in the car. This is an area that I need to get better with, but it’s not looking to bad so far. I’ve also added the perfect wheels and tires. I’ll save the original Hot Wheels wheels for something else. The wheels and tires that I’m using came off of a M2 sixty something Mustang. Once they’re aged and textured, they’ll look great! That’s about it for now. Hope to work on it a bit more this weekend.

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