Custom Hot Wheels Junkyard Charger Part IV

Since it’s a nasty, wet, winter day, I decided to start on the 2nd layer of weathering. I’ll usually let these projects set for a couple of days in between adding things just to let my mind clear and come up with new ideas. But since it’s nasty outside, I decided to press on. The second layer of weathering for the body consisted of bring out some of the detail using pastel chalks to fill in the seams and grooves. Since this car has been sitting outside for a very long time. I added some greens for moss, blacks for mold and brown for more surface rust. It’s really beginning to look like it’s been outside for a very long time. After painting the interior a leather brown earlier in the week, it’s now time to give it some weathering as well. I gave it a light coat of spray adhesive, let it sit for about 15 minutes, then brushed on crushed steel wool that had soaked in vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and dried over the summer. It gives it a nice texture. Once it’s nice and dry, I’ll add more weathering to it. I also started on the wheels and tires. I’m still haven’t decided the final configuration, but at least 3 of the tires will be flat and one will be off the car. I have to give it some more thought. The base was given it’s first coat of flat black, detail on it will come soon!

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