Custom Hot Wheels VW T2 Part IV

Had some time today to work on the Custom VW Bus. I wanted to add supports to the new rails for a tarp or some kind of cover. 3 large paperclips seemed to fit the bill perfectly. For consistency, I soldered the ends of the paperclips together before I bent them. This ensured that the arches of the supports would be the same for all 3. Once I determined the correct height that I wanted for the supports, I cut them free with wire cutters. I first secured the supports to the body with super glue, then added JB Weld for added support. I then gave everything a fresh coat of primer. I’ll do this many times as I’m working on a custom. It helps to identify flaws. Once the custom is finished, I’ll strip all of the primer and add a fresh coat before it’s painted. Progress on this custom is slow, but I really like the look so far. I also ordered a airbrush kit and compressor. This is more of a starter kit, but it got really good reviews. I look forward to learning how to airbrush. This custom will be the first that I use it on. Before I finished for the evening. I added chains to the tailgate. I bought a very cheap necklace chain to use for this. The scale looks pretty good. Stay tuned for more updates!

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