Custom Hot Wheels VW T2 Part V

I did a little back tracking on the custom VW Bus this week. I wasn’t pleased with the custom tail gate or the rails for the tarp/cover. The rails for the tarp were a bit out of scale (I used large paperclips), so I removed them and made new ones out of small paperclips. The scale is much better. The tail gate looked a little hokey, it just didn’t fit in well. I removed it and made a new one out of a large wire tie. The inner texture of the large wire tie blends perfectly with the texture of the bed. I also removed the numerous coats of primer that I’ve added along the way. I prime the custom after I add something new to keep the color consistent so I can find any imperfections. The whole body got a final sanding and the final coat of primer was added before any painting. I’m at the point that I’ll start adding texture, a little rust here and there, the primer beneath the paint and then the paint itself. This is a very time consuming part of the build, but the outcome will be awesome. Again, I don’t get into a rush when I’m doing this, I want it to look as real as possible. I’ve also started adding a little detail to the interior even though it’ll never be seen. More updates coming soon!

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