Custom Hot Wheels VW T2 Part VI

So, I’d say that the Custom Bus is about 95% complete now. The headlights still need some attention, I need to make a custom tarp roll, then I need to create the base (1/64 scale die cast holder) with a bit of scenery. But the bus itself is pretty much complete. This has been a very trying custom to do. I’ve changed my mind during the process 3 times and started from scratch. I just couldn’t get the look that I was going for, but in the end, I’m about 80% satisfied with it and ready to move on. It’s nice, not my best. A lot of parts were custom made, I think I went a little overboard with the rust, but for the most part, I’m happy with it. I’d like to do this one again in the future. I’ll no longer be using rattle cans for paint and primer, I have my new airbrush system set up and I hope to start practicing with it very soon. I do love the way that the wheels turned out, the pizza pan design is perfect and I’ll be using this technique again in the future. Hopefully I get the base/display built this weekend, then I’ll call this one 100% complete. I’ll release a video soon detailing the weathering and rust technique as well as other finishes I applied.

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