Custom Hot Wheels VW Golf Finished

I finished the custom Hot Wheels VW Golf by customizing the display in which it will live. I wanted it to look like a backyard driveway where the owner works on his car. I started by spraying the base with a textured paint. Once it was dry, I have it 2 coats of flat black. The walls of the driveway are constructed out of cardboard then I use joint compound as a covering to give it an aged stucco texture. The top rail of the wall was created using a wire/zip tie. Once the wall was completed and test fitted, I painted it a concrete color. Once I was satisfied with the look, the wall was secured to the display base then given a coat of matte clear. When the clear was dry, I added some ground cover to represent weeds and grass. I also added a water hose and a bucket of water. The owner likes to keep his car clean! I hope you enjoy this custom, it was fun to do. Hope to have more in the near future.

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