Custom Hot Wheels ’52 Chevy Pickup

Yesterday I started on my latest custom, a Hot Wheels ’52 Chevy pickup. I already had a plan for this casting when I saw it on the pegs and I think the end result will be awesome. If I wasn’t in to vintage VW’s, I’d probably be in to vintage pickups. This will be fun! Removing the paint on this casting was challenging. This is the toughest paint that I’ve ever dealt with. It took hours of soaking in industrial paint stripper to finally have the paint ready to remove from the casting. There was a lot of flashing to address in the front of the truck before I could prep it for painting. So far, it’s had 2 coats of white primer, 2 coats of gloss white and 2 coats of landscape green. Initially I hadn’t planned to use the wheels that came with the casting, but I think I can make them work and look really nice. I’ll be using the head of a nail to create center caps for the wheels to give it that vintage look! Stay tuned as this custom starts to take shape, I think you’ll be happy with the end result.

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