Radio Flyer Restoration Part II

Haven’t gotten a lot accomplished with the Radio Flyer restoration for Jaxon the past couple of weeks due to other projects that need to be finished. However, the past two weekends, we were able to finish the handle and rear wheel supports as well as strip the tub, sand it and get a coat of primer on it. I’m using appliance paint on all of the parts that will be painted black. It’s a breeze to apply, the finish is awesome and it’s very durable. Before any paint is applied, all of the parts are sanded and cleaned with automotive Paint Prep, two coats of primer are then applied and left to dry for a couple of days, wet sanded, then three coats of paint applied. Once the tub was completely sanded, any areas that had been affected by rust were coated with a rust neutralizer, left to cure for 30 minutes, then cleaned and sanded again. The tube still needs a lot of attention, mainly wet sanded, primed, wet sanded again, etc. We’ll keep doing this until we get the desired results. So far, it’s been a very enjoyable project, we hope that Jaxon will love it! Stay tuned, more to come!

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