Radio Flyer Restoration Part III

We made a lot of progress on the Radio Flyer the past few days. The rear bolster and supports, the front bolster and the steering housing are now finished. All of the parts that require black paint are completely finished. That leaves only the tub left to complete. All parts were thoroughly cleaned, sanded, then wet sanded before two coats of primer and more wet sanding. Then finished with three coats of paint. So far, we’re very pleased with how things are turning out. A little blood, sweat and tears go a long way. The bottom of the tub is pitted from the years of rust. Initially, we were going to leave them, just to give it character but have since decided to give the bottom of the tub some spot putty treatment, but only in areas where the pits were a little deeper. We’ll finish with a lot of wet sanding, more primer and finally some Radio Flyer red paint. More to come soon!

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