Vintage Flower Vase Install

I’ve been wanting to install a vintage flower vase for a long time. However, to find an original is rare and if you do and it’s for sale, expect to pay upwards of 300 dollars. M & T MFg. sells a reproduction that is amazing, not only in detail, but also quality. Best part, it’s only 20 dollars. So I ordered one a week ago or so, it arrived the other day and I was very pleased with it. I knew that I was going to mount it to the right of the speedo, but I hadn’t figured out how. Initially, I was going to take the grill out of the dash, but that would’ve been way too complicated. Instead, I put some double side tape on the mount, pushed it into place, then removed the vase from the mount. The double sided probably would be plenty strong enough to hold it in place, but I decided to add a sheet metal screw just for good measure. I thought about using a pop rivet, but that would be harder to remove if I want to in the future. So now, I just need to find the perfect flowers for it.

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