Making A Hot Wheels Version Of Our 1968 VW Beetle

A while back, I was challenged to create a Hot Wheels version of our 1968 VW Beetle. Though the body styles are different and working with detail at the 1:64th scale is incredibly hard, I think the end result was worthy of it’s own video. I’d like to revisit this challenge again in the future and maybe use a 1:43rd scale Beetle as my canvas. If I had a resin 3D printer, a lot of the small detail would’ve been much easier to reproduce. Maybe a future investment, who knows??? Anyhow, I really hope that you enjoy the video and find some useful tips. Please take a moment to give the video a LIKE and SHARE with your finds or others in our hobbyist community. You can also show your support by becoming a Patron to our channel. Just follow this link:

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