Our Jeep Gladiator Quake DRL Fender Chop w/Wolfstorm Fender Liners

In this video, we’re doing a fender chop on our Jeep Gladiator. I’ll be replacing the OEM fender liners with Wolfstorm fender liners and replacing the OEM DRL LED lights with the Quake Slim DRL LED lights. This is not a step by step install video, I’ll just be highlighting any issues that you may run into if you decide to do this mod. Entire process took about 8 hours. I took my time, planned each step, then executed. Hopefully this video will provide you with some useful information and tips if you decide to do the same mod. Big thanks for the DASLLAMAS Youtube page for sharing some very useful information. If you enjoy the video and find some useful tips, please take 2 seconds and give it a thumbs up, we’d certainly appreciate it. And please consider subscribing to our channel, it’s the only way to ensure future videos. Thanks for watching!!!

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