Jeep Gladiator Upgrades

We’ve added a few more upgrades to our 2023 Gladiator Rubicon over the past month or so. We’ll have a new video coming out very soon to explain each upgrade, where we purchased it and ease of installation. However, the most important upgrade was wheels and tires. To me, it’s the wheels and tires that make a vehicle. This time, we sort of went in a new direction. We decided to go with military style Black Rhino Armory wheels, 17×9.5. They have a very military look, mimicking the look of Hummer H1 wheels. We went with the gun metal black wheels and Mickey Thompson Baja Legend tires, 35×12.50 with a -18mm offset. I love the stance and it’s still fairly easy to get in and out of the Jeep. Still waiting on the steps that I ordered way back in October.

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