Jeep Gladiator Archetype Stirrup Steps

I ordered these stirrup steps on October the 26th, 2023 from Archetype Racing. At the time of purchase, they had stated on their website that there was up to a 8 week wait before shipping. Almost 2 months, but I figured they’d be worth the wait. They’re expensive, but the reviews on these steps were really good and they are exactly what I wanted because they mount directly to the rock rails. So, I waited and waited and waited, never got any updates. A couple of days after Christmas, 2023, I sent them an email requesting an update. A couple of days later, I received a reply. They stated that they were still running a bit behind, but it wouldn’t be much longer before my order would ship. Again, I waited. One more week passed, two more weeks passed, three more weeks passed, no updates! So around mid January, I emailed them again requesting an update. They did reply a day or so later and stated that they were just a bit behind, but my orders should ship in a week or so. So again, I waited a few more weeks, still nothing. By this time, I was getting a bit concerned. I also began finding posts on Facebook and other Jeep forums from others who had ordered these steps even earlier than I had and they were getting the same runaround from this company. Some people tried to cancel their orders but Archetype Racing was requiring a 20% restocking fee! How can they charge a restocking fee for a product that doesn’t even exist and was never shipped and returned. Well, long story short, the attorney general of Washington state says that they can’t. This company is located in Washington state. So anyhow, February came and went and by mid March, I was done waiting. I sent them a not so pleasant email, basically accusing them of lying to their customers. By this time, over 24 weeks had passed since I placed my order and their website had been updated and stated a minimum of 8 weeks before product shipping. In reality, a minimum of 25 weeks is more truthful. After going back and forth with them for another few weeks, I finally got notice that my orders had shipped. That was on March 29th, 2024. But it wasn’t until April the 8th, 2024 that I finally received my orders. My point is, if you’re really interested in these steps, expect a much longer wait than 8 weeks before your order is shipped. This may change when and if they ever get caught up on their orders, but for now, I’d expect to wait at least 25 weeks before your order is shipped. So with that, let’s take a look at these steps and see if they were worth the wait! Thanks for joining us and please be sure to give this video a thumbs up and consider subscribing to our channel.

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